Walk, Swim, BBQ




South Orange has a municipal pool that is open during the summer. A recreation badge costs $35 per person, and not more than $140 per household. This gains access to tennis courts and pools.

Maplewood charges $400 per household for use of its summer pool.

JFK Aquatic Center, Newark. This is a winter-time economical alternative. The centre has an Olympic-size, indoor pool. Swimmers must wear bathing caps. The Yearly membership fee is $15. Located at 211 W. Kinney St., Newark. Tel: 973-733-6550


Academy Heights is a neighborhood that is made for walking! You can walk to most parts of South Orange or Maplewood from our area, or take a walk along Academy Street as many residents do.

South Mountain Reservation is a short drive west on South Orange Avenue. There you can park your car, and walk along a mile-long paved path along a ridge, or you can hike through the woods.


It's easy to run/jog around our neighborhood or town! Some people run to Underhill Field (the High School running track on Garfield Place) to use the facility, while others run to New Waterlands Field and use the pathway through the woods. You may also jog through the village center and run along the river walkway.


Whether you want to grill with gas or use charcoal a barbecue, a backyard or a block party is the perfect place to try your hand.

Block Party BBQ.


Trees are assets and amenities that help keep our homes cool, supply miniature eco-systems, and help absorb excessive rain water. Homeowners are urged to retain and preserve shade trees as long as possible.

Founders Park

​​Academy Heights has its very own park--just off of Valley Street near 5th: it has a small playground, swing sets, and numerous benches. Until 1971, this space was a historic cemetery. The town then converted the space into a park, and transferred the graves to the centre of the green (under the obelisk). Many of the town's fathers are listed on that column. In March 2017, the village officially changed the name of the park from Memorial Park to FOUNDERS PARK. The residents of Academy Heights have a park clean-up day in the springtime and contribute to plantings throughout the green area.

If you have children who are train-spotting fans, the park is a great place to see New Jersey Transit trains whiz by. A chain-link fence between park and railway insure that nobody can stray onto the rails.



Academy Heights has local options for dining out or eating in. A few take-out restaurants are located along Valley Street while sit-down establishments are located closer to the north end of the neighborhood. If you are new to NJ, you should know that many restaurants are BYOB (check beforehand) because of limited liquor licences. You may bring your own wine or beer into these restaurants without any issues.

​HARUSAME is a sushi restaurant on Academy Street that serves both sushi, and some Japanese dishes. See the website: http://www.harusamesushi.com/

​TOWN HALL DELI: Traditional deli that is famous for its North Jersey-style Sloppy Joe sandwiches, and cheesecake. Website: http://www.townhalldeli.com/

MOZZARELLA RESTAURANT & PIZZERIA: Italian pizzeria and restaurant on Valley Street near Roland Ave. Take-out and eat-in, eat outdoors.

WALIA: Ethiopian restaurant near the center of town; you may eat in or take out. Website: http://www.waliarestaurant.com/


The north end of Academy Heights transitions into South Orange's "downtown" where local residents walk to buy groceries, have a drink , listen to music or take their kids for an ice cream cone. During summer, Friday and Saturday evenings "downtown" include listening to live musical groups at Spiotta Park.